Moira Moore, 65, has moved back to Marwood Towers after leaving it 46 years ago.

Moira’s relationship with Marwood Towers began in 1965 when her family moved from local terraced housing that was being demolished. It was the first time she had a home with fitted carpets and a bathroom, so at 14 years of age she felt that she was moving into the lap of luxury.

Moira left Marwood Towers when she got married in 1970, but has now returned following Liverpool Mutual Homes’ £8.5 million project to refurbish the block and create 81 attractive modern homes.

The iconic building, which is on land between Great Homer Street and Kirkdale Road, has been completely transformed and now forms a landmark gateway to the neighbouring Project Jennifer regeneration scheme.

Moira has mobility problems and wanted to move from her current accommodation to somewhere without stairs. When she first saw her new spacious apartment and pleasant communal areas, she knew it would be perfect for her needs.

Moira said, “It’s nice to have the communal area and gardens, so there will be opportunity to socialise with other residents. I like my privacy but it’s nice to have that there if you want it.”

Moira will have plenty of company as demand has been high for the affordable rent apartments, which are well located and have been refurbished to the highest standards.

Moira explained, “When they opened the door to my flat it looked very spacious. It feels like it’s ahead of its time. It’s 21st Century, it looks really trendy and I feel at home here.

“There is nowhere else I could picture myself living.”

Pictured is Moira outside Marwood Towers.

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